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Commission for Women steering committee Chicago, Oct. 16

• Called for 2005 Churchwide Assembly involvement in the restructure of the churchwide office; asked that "an urgent consultation of women" be part of determining the commission's future.

Asked the ELCA Church Council and the Division for Church in Society to "ensure that sex and gender are discussed" and directions for church advocacy "on behalf of all those affected by terrorism" are included in an upcoming ELCA message on terrorism.

Division for Global Mission board Chicago, Oct. 16-18

• Asked , in an action related to the restructuring proposal, that the Church Council release "reserve funds to meet projected budget shortfalls in order to return to a mission-driven process."

Division for Ministry board Chicago, Oct. 9-11

Acknowledged as independent Lutheran organizations the Association of Professional Chaplains and Kogudus Renewal Ministry.

Approved the Association of Lutheran Development Executives as an ELCA lifelong learning partner.

Approved a portion of the Lutheran Youth Organization convention resolution that sought Reconciling in Christ status for the organization (RIC promotes welcome of sexual minorities in congregations). LYO cannot become RIC because it is not an independent organization, according to meeting minutes. The resolution was referred to the division for discussion.

ApprovedChinese Book of Worship


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