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Holy leisure

Without it we cannot be human

Cathedrals are where you find them. I found one high in the Canadian Rockies at Lake Louise. Visitors quiet themselves as they near its turquoise water. Footsteps slow, voices soften, laughter is muted. No cell phones perch at our ears, connecting us to everyone and everything but our own souls. Nor do mind-thumping CD players deafen our hearts.

Strangers take each others' photos amid this beauty that evokes the Eternal. The splendor lifts us out of the humdrum and points us to the everlasting where beauty dwells. Hope awakens in this place.

Hearts find release from the narrow confinement of normal routines and everyday vision. Here is a broad, open space where we can breathe, finally (Psalm 18:19; Job 36:16). And breathe we do. Taking a collective sigh, fatigued souls step off the carousel of production. We find again the freedom and joy of being human, no longer drowned and dizzied by all that clamors and cries for immediate attention.

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