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I invite you to take the Generous Christians Pledge. If enough people of good will unite, we can end the tragedy of widespread poverty in the richest society on earth.

I pledge to open my heart to God's call
to care as much about the poor as the Bible does.
I therefore commit:

Daily, to pray for the poor, beginning with the Generous Christians Prayer: "Lord Jesus, teach my heart to share your love for the poor."

Weekly, to minister at least one hour to a poor person: helping, serving, sharing with and, mostly, getting to know someone in need.

Monthly, to study at least one story, book, article or film about the plight of the poor and hungry and discuss it with others.

Yearly, to retreat for a few hours with the Scriptures to meditate on this one question: "Is caring for the poor as important in my life as it is in the Bible?" and to examine my budget and priorities in light of it, asking God what changes he would like me to make in the use of my time, money and influence and citizenship.

To join others making this pledge or to obtain a retreat kit, contact Evangelicals for Social Action: 10 E. Lancaster Ave., Wynnewood, PA 19096; (800) 650-6600.


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