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Making quality education affordable

Since education is often cited as the key to economic success, you could say Holy Trinity Community School and Preschool in New York City helps working people from the ground up: providing affordable private schooling for children of low- and middle-income families.

"We are truly doing some ministry," says Linda Mitchell, principal. Holy Trinity participates in New York State's "Universal Pre-K" program, so it can offer children a quality full-day experience for $175 a month — half the normal tuition, which itself is a bargain. It has enabled the school to reach low-income working parents.

"It's unbelievable when they fill out this form and say they are living on $20,000 a year," Mitchell says. That's not much for New York City, where housing and other costs are quite high. "Most of the parents I see are going back to school to try and get a trade, to get a job," she says.


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