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Does God hear the prayers of computers? A new Web site, prayerwheel.com, would have you believe so. It offers to have computers pray for believers of the world's major religions so they don't have to — for a price. For example, the Lord's Prayer and the Hail Mary are offered at $9.99 per package of 500. The company, HC Tivac Inc., says 200 million prayers are offered daily.

But a disclaimer states: "We don't assume any liability arising out of the application or expectations of our products ... we make no warranties or guarantees or implied guarantees that the prayers said will be heard or granted by God."

Brent Dahlseng, ELCA director for prayer and care discipleship, says: "The biblical accounts are consistent in reminding us that God desires relationships with each one of us. God desires genuine, heartfelt prayers from you and me, not virtual computer prayers on sale for only $9.99."


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