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Fight hunger, write letters

The Lutheran Office for Governmental Affairs, Washington, D.C., is asking people to write their legislators to urge passage of three proposals that would help alleviate hunger. The acts would make changes in both public and private spheres.

* The Hunger Relief Act would restore funding to the Food Stamp Program, restore eligibility to legal immigrants and revise the rules to make them available to more poor families.

* The Food Stamp Outreach and Research for Kids Act would establish ways of publicizing the program and clarify to potential clients the rules of eligibility.

* A minimum wage increase of $1 over two years, now pending in Congress, would give the 12 million full-time workers who make minimum wage an additional $2,000 a year.

"They're all pieces of what is necessary to help people access food," says Kay Bengston of LOGA. "It's not the complete answer, because they're still not going to have enough, but at least it moves in that direction." (For more information or tips on writing letters see www.loga.org.)

LOGA's actions are rooted in Churchwide Assembly decisions, including the economic life statement passed in 1999.


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