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Choosy moms choose moviemom.com

The only way for parents to know if a movie is appropriate for their children is to watch it first, right? Now there's another way: www.moviemom.com.

The Web site reviews and rates movies now in theaters and on video (not for movies released more than a couple of years ago). Nell Minow, author of The Movie Mom's Guide to Family Movies, offers a thorough look at each film. Reviews provide comments on:

* The level of profanity.

* Appropriate audiences.

* Nudity and sexual references.

* Portrayal of alcohol or drug abuse.

* Depiction of tolerance or diversity issues.

When Minow gives an unfavorable review, she provides parents points to talk about with their children, who may have already seen it or heard about it from other kids. The site also includes guidelines for watching television and movies with children.


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