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With an eye on Mary

As her image evolves through the ages, so does our understanding of Christ

There she sits, in her tender glory. She seems rather fragile. But then we realize that she has survived seven centuries — some of them outrageously hostile to her kind — roughly intact. Weather-worn, she is still graceful and lovely: the slight forward lean, the way the wind has caught her robe, the slight hint of a sad smile. The carver's exquisite work has endured. The color, sadly, is practically gone: one blue eye of lapis lazuli stone and a few traces of pigment are all that remain.

Imagine, if you haven't already, how she would feel to the touch.

...This is the best way to start. The textbooks and the catalogs often identify this statue as an example of the Sedes Sapientiae, Mary as the "seat of wisdom."

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