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New Web site discusses ethics

Stem-cell research. Economic globalization. War and peace. Marriage, family and divorce in the church. You can deepen your understanding of topics such as these by checking out The Journal of Lutheran Ethics.

This new Web journal by the ELCA Division for Church in Society (www.elca.org/jle) provides a forum for discussing Christian ethics from a Lutheran perspective. It premiered Sept. 20, but immediately switched gears to include commentaries on Sept. 11.

In addition to articles by experts, a discussion board enables readers to post responses to what they've read or debate issues relating to the church's role in society.

Kaari Reierson, associate director for studies and the journal's editor, says the intended audience is pastors, seminarians, ethics scholars and interested lay people. "We think there is an area that is both challenging to ethics scholars and comprehensible to those who are not specialized. That is where our articles fall," she says.

The online discussion also will help the division prepare its social statements. "The better the conversations that we have about Lutheran ethics, the stronger and more refined our social statements will be," Reierson says. "And in areas where we may not have a social statement, we can still feature some commentaries from Lutherans that will help people guide their moral deliberation."


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