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One-wheel deal

On one wheel— with his sights set on New York and the long-distance unicycle world record— ELCA pastor Lars Clausen starts pedaling from Neah Bay, Wash., April 29.

Clausen will cycle 50 miles a day on a 4,000-mile ride to raise endowment funds for Seward Peninsula Lutheran Ministry in Alaska.

Arriving in Alaska in 1894, Lutherans established an orphanage 30 years later for children who lost parents to influenza. "The Lutheran church ... saved a lot of lives in those early years," Clausen says. "[This will help provide] a stable funding source so the people there can make decisions for as hopeful a future as possible."

Clausen's wife, Anne, and his two children will follow in a motor home. Kari Anna, 8, recently learned to ride a unicycle. "She and I will probably ride little bits together," Clausen says.

Find out more about his ride at www.onewheel.org.


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