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What's for dinner

Tired of the same old thing night after night? Is your youth group weary of pizza and hot dogs? Or maybe you just want to remember how to make grandma's Swedish angel cookies. Then click onto the Division for Global Mission's Web site and find some recipes sure to delight your palate--and teach how others live.

The site (www.elca.org/dgm/country_packet/index.html) offers information on more than 75 churches around the world that are ELCA mission partners. Invaluable for learning about global mission, the site now includes recipes from most of these countries. Some are simple; some dare even the gourmet cook.

Try pumpkin soup and cocada puxa (coconut sweet) from Brazil, sweet potato pone from Liberia, or Indian flat bread and Hainanese chicken rice from Singapore. You can even find chin chin, a pastry served at roadside stands across Nigeria. We recommend it after a hearty meal of jollof rice.




Posted at 7:26 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/20/2009

 I am trying to find info about where chin chin cookies got their name and where they started? My daughter needs the info for school.

 If you can help that would be great.


                      Thanks,   Lisa

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