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Window of memory

During a conference in March, Army chaplains made a new window for the Pentagon. The window includes a piece of glass for each of the 184 U.S. civilians and military personnel who died in the Sept. 11 attack. The window will go in the memorial chapel in the reconstructed Pentagon, which has never had a permanent place for meditation and prayer.

More than 400 chaplains placed the 500 separate pieces of glass, but one — Lt. Col. Eric Wester, an ELCA pastor — made it possible. Wester attended the 2001 ELCA Churchwide Assembly in Indianapolis, where he saw people placing pieces of glass in the window constructed under the supervision of Dennis Roberts, owner of IHS Studios in Fredericksburg, Texas.

When the Army decided to build a chapel with a window, he asked Roberts for help. The five-sided window features images of the Pentagon, the head of a bald eagle and an American flag with the inscription, "United in Memory." Roberts donated all materials for the $4,000-window and supervised its construction. "It was an emotional time, very uplifting," he said. "Several of the chaplains who put in pieces had ministered to people at the Pentagon when the attack happened. Several had lost friends."


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