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Marriage has a nice ring to it

Though many grew up with divorced parents, 78 percent of American young adults (ages 20 to 29) say marriage is a very important goal for them.

88% Say a spouse should be a soul mate, first and foremost.
88% Are confident they will be able to find someone who fits their requirements for a spouse when they are ready to get married.
88% Think there is a soul mate waiting for them.
86% Feel it is very important to be economically "set" as individuals before marrying.
81% Believe it is more important to have a husband who can communicate his deepest feelings than one who makes a good living (asked of women).
52% Say the possibility of it ending in divorce is one of their biggest concerns about getting married.
36% Believe it is more important to have a wife who makes a good living than one who is a good homemaker (asked of men).


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