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Noah's ark lands

The animals leave 'twosies by twosies' in church's mural

Maybe it's the big boat. It could be the rainbow. But Sunday school teachers know it's the animals that intrigue most youth who hear the story of Noah and the ark.

Ruth Bell and Faith Parson, members of Faith Lutheran Church, Santa Rosa, Calif., realized that too. They decided to decorate a wall on church property along the route taken daily by youth enrolled in Faith's preschool.

Bell and Parson, both accomplished artists and craftswomen, agreed their representation should stand out. Bell carefully cut a wooden ark, Noah's family and 54 pairs of animals — ones the children said they would like to see "landing" from the ark.

After the background was painted early last summer, Parson set her brush to work on making the creatures come to life. Both she and Bell worked daily, usually in the afternoon since the wall faces east, completing their project last August.

Everyone — especially the preschoolers — has been enjoying it ever since.


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