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Solo in church

How do single adults fit into ELCA congregations? And just who are they? Those seeking answers to such questions should check out a resource from the Barna Research Group which reveals that single adults are not a homogenous group.

Available at www.barna.org (in bookstores next year), Single Adults identifies five groups: the never-been-married, the divorced, the widowed, the single parent and the separated. George Barna describes each group's self-image and self-identity, the dominant lifestyle patterns, life goals and moral views, and the role of faith in their lives, among other topics.

Although Barna says many Americans think people can't be happy unless they're married, 82 million Americans are currently single. The never-been-marrieds represent six of every 10 singles. Men slightly outnumber women among that group, while divorced women slightly outnumber divorced men.

Four of five of the three dominant singles segments (never-been-married, divorced and widowed) think of themselves as Christian. Faith and spirituality play an important role in their lives, Barna found, with worship the most significant. Prayer is the only activity measured in which a majority engages during a typical week.


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