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Ecclesiastes looks fresh in multicultural renderings

It's not easy to find new meaning in the most familiar biblical passages. Yet through strikingly original illustrations, a current book does just that for the favorite passage of Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8: "To everything there is a season ...."

The opening of the first verse is the title of this book whose unique value comes from the conception and rendering of its creators, Leo and Diane Dillon. An interracial husband-and-wife design team, the Dillons have won many awards, especially for children's book illustrations. This book is entirely appropriate for children--and for all other ages.

The Dillons illustrate each verse with the artistic style of a different historical culture, including Celtic, Egyptian, Japanese, Mayan, Greek, Ethiopian, Chinese, Inuit and Arab. The artists' point is that all people share basic human experiences, yet express them through their diverse religious faiths in preciously distinct ways. A section at the book's end explains the various artistic styles.

To Every Thing There Is a Season (Scholastic/Blue Sky, 1998; cloth, $15.95) is that rare phenomenon--a true bargain. It belongs in every church library and on your own shelf or coffee table.


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