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Singing surgeon

Sam Speron hasn't yet moved the karaoke machine into the surgical suite. But if he does, rest assured it will be there for therapeutic purposes.

On June 1, the plastic surgeon warmed up his vocal chords and gathered children hospitalized at Lutheran General Hospital, Park Ridge, Ill., around a donated karaoke machine to exercise his "one true passion" — singing.

Assisted by a hospital social worker and four or five high school students, the former band member sang a variety of soft rock tunes with patients aged 6 to 16. Speron hopes to make this a monthly event.

"Studies have shown over and over that being happy helps people overcome their illness much more efficiently," he said. "To think that giving up a few hours of time can bring such happiness to a sick child is almost overwhelming.

"Kids are great. They have no inhibitions. They sing freely and feel better instantly. They don't care how good they sound. I think us adults could learn something from this."


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