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This site explores the life of St. Nicholas, a Council of Nicaea participant who inspired the modern Santa Claus. It examines Nicholas' role as the patron saint of children and suggests ways to celebrate his Dec. 6 feast day. A children's section includes stories, games and activities.

At Heifer International's Web site, give a share of seedlings ($10), a llama ($150) or an ark of animals ($5,000) to a poor family or community to honor a friend or relative this Christmas. You can request an ark-shaped honor card that describes how your gifts help people in need become self-reliant.

Alternatives for Simple Living introduces Simply the Best: 30 Years of Alternatives ($15), a CD-ROM of articles, lyrics, bulletin inserts and resources for Christmas, Easter and such celebrations as weddings. Some resources are available in Spanish.

Crafts made by Palestinian women are the specialty of this Jerusalem-based group. Sunbula offers embroidery, woven bags, scarves and olive oil soap, as well as wood carvings and Christmas-themed home accents.


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