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Salute to the Son

Once strictly a Hindu practice, yoga is being used by Christians as a way to deepen prayer.

An Invitation to Christian Yoga (Cowley Publications, 2001) by Episcopal priest Nancy Roth includes instructions, illustrations and Bible verses for 25 yoga postures. Included is her "Salute to the Son," an adaptation of the Hindu salute to the sun, and postures to accompany the Lord's Prayer.

"When we connect our bodies and our prayer, we are praying as whole beings," Roth says. "Although it was developed in another faith tradition, yoga seems singularly appropriate for Christians who believe in God incarnate, Jesus Christ. We sometimes forget that we, too, are 'incarnations' — we are physical beings."

Susan Bordenkircher, a Methodist who produced Outstretched in Worship: A Christian Approach to Yoga, advises yogis to avoid instructors who suggest that human beings possess divine power. To order the video call her at (251) 621-6733 or e-mail gsbordenkircher@msn.com.


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