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'No' to stoning mom

Overwhelmed by the daily news? Take the bite out of it — like Larry Shupe. In August he read a two-sentence item in the Wall Street Journal: "A Nigerian Islamic court upheld the sentence of death for a woman accused of adultery. Amina Lawal is to be executed as soon as she finishes breast-feeding her baby."

Shupe says: "The horror of the story really grabbed me. I'm aware of the lowly-to-zero status of women in some Muslim societies."

A member of Our Savior Lutheran Church in Hartland, Wis., Shupe swung into action. He surfed the Web for names of Nigerian officials to whom he could advocate for this 30-year-old mother. He asked his pastor, Christa von Zychlin, to alert members through the bulletin. She suggested, instead, that he prepare copies of a letter, with stamped and addressed envelopes for worshipers to sign after church. "We sent 90 letters to four Nigerian officials," he says. "Now all our members are following the story."

And parishioners will be praying for Lawal and her baby, too, says von Zychlin.




Posted at 12:49 am (U.S. Eastern) 1/20/2009

I wonder if this is like the biblical story where the man involved in the 'act' goes free but the woman takes the punishment, in this case death.

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