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Undercover assignment

Pssst. Over here. Are you are planning a trip that will bring you to worship at a different congregation? Are you curious about a church across town?

The undercover operative world that produced secret admirers and Secret Santas is looking for recruits: Mystery Worshipers. They don't carry listening devices or Christmas presents, but they can help churches see how they really look to outsiders.

Mystery worshipers provide anonymous reviews of a church service other than their own. They are asked to give honest, searching, sometimes humorous reports of handshakes, sermons, sanctuary decor, bulletin-juggling or other aspects of modern worship. They are asked to put a calling card in the collection plate that lists the Web site www.ship-of-fools.com, where parishioners can read about the visit.

Currently about 180 mystery worshipers are undercover at undisclosed locations worldwide. Interested? Sign up at the Web site listed above. But ssshh. Don't tell anybody.


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