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Susan's gift

When Jane Adams-Fister discovered an old Mother's Day drawing by her daughter Susan, she couldn't bare to look at it.

The picture, found unexpectedly in a drawer, was a painful reminder of Thanksgiving 1989 — when Susan, then 12, was in a car accident that ended her life a day later.

Adams-Fister, a member of Redeemer Lutheran Church, Tacoma, Wash., closed the drawer and didn't open it again for several years as she tried to deal with the pain of loss and her anger with God.

When she emerged from the cloud of grief, she decided to transform the tragedy into positive action.

And Susan's drawing came to mind. Now that simple picture, showing a mother tucking a daughter in for the night, has been expanded, with help from Adams-Fister and friends, into a poster that is being sold to benefit child abuse prevention.

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