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Wangerin urges storytelling

Tell your children and grandchildren about your childhood, and ask your parents and grandparents about theirs, Walt Wangerin urged his audiences during 21 rallies on a 2,600-mile journey through seven upper Midwest states. Telling stories passes "down the spirit of Jesus Christ," he said.

The speaker for Lutheran Vespers pledged that, in turn, he'll use the radio ministry to teach, tell stories and preach the good news of Jesus. "My deep truth is Jesus," Wangerin said. "I will always make what I do start with Jesus."

Wangerin began his "OutSpoken for Lutheran Vespers" bicycle tour Aug. 17 in Chicago, broke his left hip in a Sept. 9 accident and completed the rest by truck. His tour has generated $36,794 in gifts so far. Forty-five people pledged to contribute funds for each of the 686 miles Wangerin rode his bike during the tour before he was injured. Since last July, gifts for an endowment totaled $1,014,650, of which $1 million was a single anonymous year-end gift.


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