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Ante up for Atlanta

Quarters jingle in our pockets, backpacks and purses. One may only buy a few minutes of parking, but 4 million buy a whole lot. After all, that's $1 million, the amount the Lutheran Youth Organization hopes to collect at the 2003 ELCA Youth Gathering in Atlanta.

Congregations and organizations are gathering quarters for youth to take to Atlanta— to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. Half the money will go to the Stand With Africa

Young people are thinking up creative ways to collect your change. Or send checks to the ELCA World Hunger Appeal, P.O. Box 71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764. Write "Youth Challenge" on the check.

"The defining moment for this generation will be how it responds to the crisis of poverty in the world, especially Africa," says Heidi Hagstrom, director for the Gathering program. "Lutheran youth have taken a bold step to lead— not by just throwing money at global problems but by challenging themselves to live differently so the systems causing poverty will change."

Your quarters will buy:

 4 quarters—feeds an orphaned teen for a day.

40 — feeds a baby in a refugee camp for a month.

400 — plants fruit trees in a school garden.

1,000 — provides a pair of goats.

20,000 — feeds an entire village via an irrigation project.


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