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Look and listen...

.. to the girls' words. That's what Laura Gentry did as she created wooden cutouts of actual adolescent girls, a dozen of which will be exhibited in March and April at the Center for the Arts at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa. An artist and pastor of Waterville, Waterville, and Our Savior, Lansing, Lutheran churches in Iowa, Gentry painted each girl's portrait on one side of the cutout and grouped her words in a collage on the other side. "I wanted to give the girls as big a voice as possible," says Gentry, who considers the project an extension of her ministry. "They need to be heard." For information on hosting the exhibit, "Seen But Rarely Heard: Voices of Adolescent Girls," e-mail: lauragentry@lycos.com or call (563) 538-4664.


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