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Bonhoeffer: Theology in times of terror

Dietrich Bonhoeffer represents the very best of what theology has to offer society in times of terrorism, conflict and crisis," said Scott Schiesswohl of Park City, Utah. The United Methodist pastor's remarks followed five sold-out screenings during the Sundance Film Festival of a film that brings Bonhoeffer's story to life in more depth than past films. Bonhoeffer is the German Lutheran theologian executed for his role in resisting the Nazis.

Martin Doblmeier, the film's producer, said, "[Bonhoeffer's story], the issues he raises about confronting evil and the role of the church in the modern world are issues people at the parish level are struggling with. No film has ever meant more to me personally than this one."

Bonhoeffer, a feature-length documentary, includes interviews with family members, students, friends and people he influenced. The film features archival and family footage, photos and letters. In May the film will appear in theaters, and a national public TV broadcast is planned.

Other showings included Washington, D.C., churches: National City Christian Church, co-hosted by Luther Place Memorial Church, March 14, and German and Pilgrim Lutheran churches, Bethesda, Md., March 24.

In late March the film was set to show for a week at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago. It also will show in Connecticut and Ohio.

For more information, see www.bonhoeffer.com or www.journeyfilms.com. It's available on video and DVD with discussion guides.


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