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Update: Rice pudding fame

Mary Morton died in January but received more than her 15 minutes of fame, thanks to her "Mrs. Morton's Rice Pudding" recipe. Last summer in an article titled "Come, let us eat," Marlene Park told The Lutheran (July, page 36) that serving in the body of Christ is all about rice pudding. She talked about the recipe she'd gotten from her friend, Mary Morton.

Morton, who was a member of Grace Lutheran Church, Kenosha, Wis., lived long enough to enjoy some of the fame, and made her last rice pudding for a January women's circle at Grace.

In The Lutheran article, Park, a member of Grace Lutheran Church in Loves Park, Ill., also told about an 89-year-old friend who had made Park promise to make that famous rice pudding for her funeral. She died in November and Park, who had said in the article "If she's gutsy enough to ask for this, sure, I hope I'm around to deliver," did indeed make rice pudding for the funeral lunch. And the recipe lives on.


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