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$15 billion AIDS plan passes

In Uganda's Rakai district, households spend up to one-third of their annual income on each funeral, states a U.N. AIDS report. As in many African countries stricken by the AIDS epidemic, Uganda's coffin industry is a booming roadside business — one that President Bush wants to slow.

On May 27, Bush signed a $15 billion AIDS treatment and prevention plan, unveiled in his 2003 State of the Union address. The plan will triple U.S. spending on overseas AIDS relief, providing aid for five years to the 14 African and Caribbean countries most severely affected. The bill requires that at least one-third of the prevention funds be allotted to abstinence promotion, which means there will not be coverage for programs that work with prostitution, a major source of HIV infection.


sydney nyembe

sydney nyembe

Posted at 11:07 am (U.S. Eastern) 7/17/2008

I greet all the Lutheran family around the world.I am a christian in the Lutheran church in Africa in the Southern part of the continent.I am an activist of social justice in my church and community where I stay.

I am looking foe 105 orphaned children who do not have parents.I started a care point witout a funding.I try by all means to give Love and hope to the children.Some of them are not going to school because they do not have money.

There fore I appeal to all christians around the world who have love for the children to give us second hand clothings,food or what ever that make the children feel there are taken care off.

Most of these childrens their parents died because of HIV/AIDS as we have a high rate in our country.  


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