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Bring your sense of humor. Larknews spoofs the sacred a lá The Onion, with headlines such as "Church splits over spelling of 'hallelujah,' " and "Ministry changes name to Campus Jihad for Christ." VeggieTales' Bob the Tomato tells an interviewer he fears over-ripening. Satirical book lists and polls round out the front page. "Our purpose is not to deceive — it's to have fun," says editor Joel Kilpatrick.


Developed by the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility, this site offers standards for workplace conditions, pollution, global access to pharmaceuticals, local sustainability, genetically modified foods, indigenous rights and lobbying. Visitors are encouraged to "measure the global economy not only by what it produces but also by its impact on the environment, how it touches human life and whether it protects the dignity of the human person."


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