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Following a summer of action movie sequels, The Lutheran brings you yet another improvement on the original: The Young Lutheran. The site sports a fresh design and new features that offer youth (college age and younger) a forum to make their voices heard, connect with others and test their Bible knowledge. There's even a place for young guest columnists.

Lutheran World Relief's site currently features video footage of Ethiopia's food crisis. The country's agriculture is suffering from erratic rainfall and soil degradation. The crisis, which threatens more than 12.5 million people who rely on food aid, threatens to surpass the famine of 1984-85.

The Journal of Lutheran Ethics' August issue reviews the proposed social statement "Caring for Health: Our Shared Endeavor," which will be considered for adoption by the 2003 Churchwide Assembly. Lutherans nationwide with expertise in the health field weigh in on the statement. Previous topics include war and pastoral care. The site also offers lively discussion boards.


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