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Martin at the multiplex

Starting Sept. 26, moviegoers nationwide can take in two hours of Lutheran history as portrayed in Luther, a feature film starring Joseph Fiennes (Shakespeare in Love).

Slated to open on 300 screens in 55 cities, Luther is not a documentary. Rather, the movie is "Christian art" that engages viewers personally, intellectually, emotionally, even devotionally, says Dennis Clauss, an executive producer at Thrivent Financial for Lutherans (which produced Luther with Neue Filmproduktion of Berlin). Clauss says the two-year scripting of the movie considered historical accuracy, theological integrity and audience appeal.

"This film offers an entertaining, up-close look at Luther and his passion for truth," Clauss says.

Eric Till directed the film, as well as Bonhoeffer: Agent of Grace. Rating, theater and other information will be available at www.lutherthemovie.com.

David L. Miller, The Lutheran's editor, previewed Luther in July. He says the film "portrays an approachable Luther who is human, vulnerable and faithful — struggling to find and proclaim a God whose name is mercy. Although I think they failed to capture his emotional volatility and intemperance in debate, one does meet a real human being with doubts and struggles, loves and passions. Luther's relationship with his spiritual father, Staupitz, is gripping."


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