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A new road

A South Carolina Synod program shows a path out of pain for the recently widowed

Erika Smith didn't know anyone who understood what she was feeling. She was happily married and expecting her first child when her husband, Michael, died in a car accident. At 31, she was a widow.

Loved ones were there to give support. But she was alone in her grief.

That's when a friend suggested she find A New Road. Developed 15 years ago by Carol Ann Green and sponsored by the ELCA South Carolina Synod, A New Road is a three-day annual seminar aimed at helping the recently widowed deal with their pain.

"I thought there was not going to be anyone there who would be as young as I was," Smith said. "But at the time I was so desperate for anything to help me cope with the situation.

"When I got there I found other people near my age with similar feelings. I was not alone."

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