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Drink coffee, change the world

Who would have thought you could help change the world with a hot cup of coffee? — with the right coffee, that is.

In response to difficulties faced by millions of small coffee farmers worldwide, Lutheran World Relief in 1997 launched the LWR Coffee Project. This effort is a way for Lutherans to take action to alleviate poverty in many parts of the world by buying fair-trade coffee.

Now fair-trade coffee is widely available — from the local Starbucks to your church's fellowship hall percolator. And, of course, in your own kitchen.

LWR and Women of the ELCA and its magazine, Lutheran Woman Today, issued "Pour Justice to the Brim: The 90-Ton Challenge." In a year — starting this month — they hope to double the amount of coffee sold through LWR. Last year, Lutheran congregations bought 45 tons.

For more information, see www.lwr.org/parish; (800) 597-5972.


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