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G'day, Baby Jesus

You may think Jesus was wrapped in swaddling clothes and visited by wise men, but a new Bible published by the Australian Bible Society tells the story this way: "A nipper wrapped in a bunny rug, and lying in a food trough" was visited by "three eggheads from out east" who came to say, "G'day, Your Majesty." And when the angel visited the shepherds, make that drovers, the angel said: "Stop looking like a bunch of stunned mullets. Let me give you the drum, the good oil, it's top news for the whole crew--everyone, everywhere. Today in that little town on the hill a rescuer has been born ...." After visiting Jesus, the drovers returned to their sheep "as excited as a racehorse on Melbourne Cup day," and saying what a "bottler God was, because everything was spot-on just as they'd been told."


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