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January 1999 Letters: Forgiveness and Clinton

Readers weigh in with their viewpoints

The November issue had many good, spiritually educational articles. I appreciate these kind of articles very much as it helps us live out the Christian life in a victorious way. Two I even read twice — "Discovering forgiveness" and "Pray for your enemies".

Calvin Hagge
Menno, S.D.

"Forgive them" by Joseph A. Donnella was an excellent article that went straight to the issues of human hatred and divine forgiveness. Yet on page 54 there is a sidebar about Steven P. Sabin's removal from the ELCA clergy roster. Why? The reason is that he "is gay and lives with a partner" and that this action reflects "the church's policy of precluding practicing homosexuals from its ordained ministry." Substitute "gay" for "black" in Donnella's article and "blacks" for "gay" in the sidebar about Sabin. The former retains its force of argument; the latter becomes an example of abhorrent racism. I'm dismayed that a mainstream church can officially marginalize or dehumanize a group of people on the basis of sexual orientation.

William Hall
Springfield, Ohio (via Internet)

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