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Christian cards for the 'masses'

What happens when you take the artistic and marketing muscle of a $4.2 billion greeting-card company and flex it in the booming contemporary Christian market?

You get "Morning Light," a new line of spiritual greeting cards from Hallmark that will bring to the mass market the kind of cards you used to find only in Christian bookstores. The word "light" in the line's name seems appropriate — they use a light touch on issues of spirituality.

"They're not heavy-handed. They're casual," says Rachel Barton, a Hallmark spokesperson. Indeed, those who look for serious theological messages in greeting cards or for exclusively male pronouns for God will have to buy something else. In crafting the line, Hallmark drew from extensive marketing research and from the sensibilities of its Morning Light team, led by a former minister (although Barton won't say out of which church).

It's not the first foray into the religious market for the Kansas City-based company. For years Hallmark has offered cards on religious themes — weddings, bar mitzvahs, Easter and so on. Moreover, Hallmark last year acquired DaySprings, a well-known Christian greeting-card company.


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