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For the record

Augsburg Fortress, Publishers, board, Minneapolis, Oct. 23-25

* Adopted a plan to improve the publisher's fiscal health that states its vision, direction and objectives, value statements, strategies, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, competitive and environmental analyses, and financial projections.

* Learned that the company had a $1.67 million loss as of September 2003, a nearly $1.2 million improvement over the same period in 2002. The 2004 proposed budget projects a net loss of $272,000 and a sales increase of $1.8 million.

* Heard that subscriptions to The Lutheran have declined to 444,495.

Board of Pensions trustees, Minneapolis, Oct. 31-Nov. 2

* Approved a 2004 budget of $62.5 million, a 4.4 percent increase over 2003. Operating expenses remain flat at $43.3 million. The increase is due to $17.4 million for direct investment expenses and $1.8 million for software amortization.

* Received an update on the health and wellness initiative through 2005. Plan members and their families will be encouraged to take a health risk assessment (at www.elcaforwellness.org from Jan. 6 through Feb. 25) and follow that with a wellness covenant of personal goals.

* Heard information on a disease management plan, which will implement programs around some chronic illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease. While the plan will increase the 2005-06 budget, that would be offset from savings generated in claims.

Division for Church in Society board, Lisle, Ill., Oct. 23-25

* Recommended the Church Council approve a governance proposal for the church's work in corporate social responsibility.

* Endorsed and recommended the council approve issue papers dealing with environmental, health and economic issues.

* Affirmed a management plan for the ELCA Domestic Hunger Development Loan Fund, which helps people develop self-sufficient community projects.

* Gave preliminary consideration to a message on terrorism and a resolution on organ, tissue and blood donations that it plans to present to the council's April 2004 meeting.


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