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August 1998 letters: D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Lutherans react to articles on the D-word

I applaud your articles as an effort to make us all aware of the pain, despair and supportive needs of those going through divorce and of the recently divorced (June, pages 6-16, 28-29). If we can all empathize and show concern and Christian love for them, their suffering will be eased and shortened. For this we must pray. But let me gratefully say that my experience with the church through a shocking and terrifying divorce was quite different than that generally depicted in your articles. Although I am a member of a small Lutheran congregation and we had no programs, singles groups, etc., I received concern, attention and prayers. Not everyone knew how to act or what to say, but I could see and feel their concern. My children and I were constantly included and encouraged to remain active in the church.

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