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I like to shop

Confirmation youth and parents told to 'share, save, spend'

Nathan Dungan is accustomed to speaking to rooms full of addicts. His October presentation to 1,500 youth and adults at Central Lutheran Church in downtown Minneapolis was, to his sorrow, no exception.

Spending is the addiction that afflicts people age 25 and younger, Dungan said. At the "Celebration of Confirmation" event — sponsored by the St. Paul Area and Minneapolis Area synods — the sanctuary was dotted with shirts proclaiming "Abercrombie," "Aeropostale," "Disney" and "Polo." On the floor below the pews were feet clad in shoes with a prominent Nike swoosh.

And when Dungan asked a Tommy Hilfiger-wearing teen whether her name-brand shirt constituted a "want" or "need," she sputtered, "Hey, designer clothes are part of our culture."

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