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Life isn't a juggling act

Real balance is about living with grace, passion, purpose and heart

I turned this assignment in late. It's no wonder. My life is hectic. You know, a persistent juggling act. Sometimes it feels I'm out of control. I long for balance. Even so, my busyness is still great fodder for conversation: "Are you busy?'

"Never busier."

"Wow — how do you manage? How do you do it all?"

We have solutions aplenty (or so we're led to believe) to help us balance our busy lives. Of the 3,000 advertisements typical Americans see or hear every day, most are designed to help us straighten out our lives: A cleaning service promises to add a day to my life. An "organize-your-life" catalog arrives in the mail. A children's book boasts of "one-minute bedtime stories for busy parents."

The symptoms of a busy life are real. We do have less time. Or, the time we have is stretched and pulled, over-obligated. Our energy is taxed and depleted. One doctor described it this way, "I was trained to work exhausted. In fact, I was rewarded for it. I did my job but, in truth, I didn't really notice anyone around me."

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