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Amazing grace for grandmas

"Come closer, grandmothers!" the high-pitched little voices call in unison. Somewhat reluctantly, not quite a dozen women break off their conversations. Dodging stray folding chairs in the basement of Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in the heart of east Baltimore, they make their way toward a tight circle of squirming youngsters. Another monthly session of the Amazing Grandmothers Project is under way.

As the older grandchildren and student nurses from nearby Johns Hopkins bustle to and from the narrow kitchen, bringing out large pots of chili for a family style dinner, Kati Kluckman-Ault holds up a storybook, Kinda Blue. "Anybody here ever been lonely?" she asks.

The group meets weekly, with grandmothers bringing grandchildren aged 3 to 15. Sometimes as many as 20 kids come. At the end of the first eight intense weeks, the group will move to monthly meetings.

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