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Mount Carmel Lutheran Church

San Luis Obispo, Calif.

In the northern part of the Southwest California Synod, Mount Carmel Lutheran Church is in San Luis Obispo, a city of 44,000. The congregation has three services, including a contemporary worship with a live praise band. Its combined average weekly attendance is 500. Most members are European American, with some Latino and Asian American. The outreach program to California Polytechnic State University, just a few blocks away, has dramatically increased the numbers of young people at worship.

Why they're doing the study
: It's important for members to be fully informed on the issues surrounding the sexuality study. A 12-member panel, created from a cross-section of age and background, was formed to read all pertinent materials regarding the issues and to report to the congregation. Ed Jaster was chosen to lead the panel, which, after reading the material, developed a series of forums for the congregation.

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