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How to take the word outside the box

Here are some activities for a Bible storytelling group:

• Read the story together from different Bible versions.

• Hear group members tell the story from various characters' viewpoints.

• Have someone tell it as if to a child.

• Create different endings to the story and see how those might change the telling.

• Listen to several people tell it from memory and notice the differences in emphasis.

• Rewrite it as a drama with stage directions.

• Pair it with a similar Bible story and tell the two

• Compare the same story as told by different Gospel writers.

• Contrast it to a film or the plot of a short story or novel.

• Tell it with emphasis on the features that parallel a part of your personal story.

• Raise questions about it and work with Bible resources to find possible answers.

• Explore its historical context and see how that knowledge might change the telling.

Here are ways to put Bible storytelling to work in a congregation:

• Give the Gospel account in Sunday worship.

• Put on a story as a dramatic "reading," using several voices.

• Stage stories as drama at a contemporary worship

• Present stories in an educational forum, involving children who can help construct props, produce sound effects, play the role of the crowd and perform the actions of the story during its telling.

• Offer stories at a nursing home or other care facility.

• Tell stories around a campfire at a confirmation


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