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Dying and rising

Question takes us to the depths of faith

Q: What does it mean that we are to die and be raised with Christ?

A: This question takes us to the depths and mystery of the faith. Paul wrestles with the reality that we must die to our old way of living and be raised to new life in Christ, but he assures us in Romans 6:4: "Therefore we have been buried with him by baptism into death, so that, just as Christ was raised from the dead ... we, too, might walk in newness of life."

Q: Do Lutherans believe in the devil and demons? And do they practice exorcisms?

A: We don't believe in the devil and demons in the same sense that we believe in God, which for us means a relationship of faith and trust. But we do acknowledge the presence, power and danger of evils opposed to God. Such evils hurt and destroy, keeping people from God and what God intends for human life.

The precise form this mysterious enemy takes isn't always easy to ascertain. Much of the language we use is metaphorical, but the truth to which it points is real.

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