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Jesus returns

Members of St. Paul Lutheran Church, Maumee, Ohio, rejoiced Dec. 29 when the baby Jesus was returned to its manger scene. Members had been rehearsing a play, Stolen Jesus, when the statue disappeared just before Christmas. The play is about a Nativity scene that has been vandalized in a large city.

When member John Stout, who owns the creche statues, noticed the missing Jesus he called police and asked whether he should file a report for a missing person or just a theft, Roger K. Miller, one of the pastors, told The Blade of Toledo, Ohio.

Although members may never know who took the statue, they now know why it was taken. A note left in the manger explained why portions of Jesus are now painted black. "Mostly I'm leaving this note so you will not think this is some sort of racial thing since it's not. I'm white, but I know what color Jesus was," wrote the bandit, who also apologized.

The thief is forgiven and a police report wasn't filed.


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