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This month, I found several good books about prayer on the bookshelf. These books help children ages 4 to 8 learn that prayer isn't something you just do at bedtime or before meals.

Me & God by Deb Lund is good at helping children realize that their everyday activities are wonderful opportunities for prayer. It contains simple rhyming prayers and refrains. The colorful and active illustrations complement the prayers, showing children at play, sharing hugs and going to bed. (Morehouse Publishing, 800-877-0012; www.morehousegroup.com/mp.htm).

A Child's First Prayers by Dee Ann Grand offers simple, easy-to-read and remember prayers for giving thanks, forgiveness, sad times, holidays and "anytime." This book helps children understand why we pray. Added advantages--all text is provided in both English and Spanish, and the sturdy cardboard book will last a long time.

Am I praying? by Jeannie St. John Taylor is a fun, entertaining story with humorous illustrations. Children will relate to the main character, Erik, who is having a very bad day--he can't find the right T-shirt, forgets his lunch and gets lost at the zoo. Throughout the day, Eric asks if his ways of talking to God qualify as praying. Children will learn that there are many opportunities for prayer and different ways to pray. It's also a good reminder that children can turn to God in prayer when life gets rough.

The book has something for adults too. The back page contains tips so parents can discuss this book with their children and a fun craft project.

(Order these two books from Kregel Publications at 616-451-4775; www.gospelcom.net/kregel).


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