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Committed, challenged congregations

There's good news and bad news

I truly appreciated the article "State of congregations: Committed & challenged" (January, page 32). As a lay minister serving a small rural congregation in the interim pastor's role, I want to tell you that the commitment is greater than the challenges. We average only 10 communicants on Sunday (we had 36 on Christmas Eve), but everyone tithes (or better) and we do God's work by being good stewards, through friendship evangelism, weekly ecumenical Bible study with other area churches, and by loving each other in the midst of our trials. Yes, we could do more in our community, but we love Jesus. And our commitment lies in preserving the integrity of his gospel. If that places us in Category 3 (page 34), then we are proud to be there.

R. Mark Taylor
Barber, Mont.

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