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Write your own letters

If this letter of faith has stirred memories and stories, experiences and passions, you might want to write letters of faith to your children, no matter how old they are. Here are some ideas.

Write about ...

  • * Places you recall, places of joy or pain, blessing and struggle, sacred places.
  • * People you remember, family members, unusual characters, those from whom you've learned, those who have blessed you in some way.
  • * Fun things you recall, joyous memories you need to share, little events that only you might know about.
  • * Unspoken feelings and insights that crave words so they can enter the heart of another to bless and heal, so someone will know how you feel about them.
  • * The faith and trust you have in others to care, to reflect God's love, to lead, to forgive and to bless others.

In all your letters, share the faith that binds you to each other and especially to God and the stories of God's people.

  • Make time for telling family stories ...
  • * At the dinner table, in quiet evening moments, at family gatherings.
  • * In Christmas letters, birthday cards, on the back of photos and in scrapbooks and albums.
  • * Gather your family around a tape recorder and capture stories that have enriched your life together.


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