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Healthy outreach

The Wellness Center program at Incarnate Word Lutheran Church, Rochester, N.Y., takes a holistic approach in promoting wellness among seniors.

• Openness. Everybody is welcome.Transportation is available, and the $1.75-a-week contribution for food is waived for those who can't afford it.

• Fellowship. How healthy can people be all alone? The center fosters friendships.

• Nutrition. Volunteers cook and serve a balanced lunch. A nurse and occasional speakers provide tips on healthy eating.

• Exercise. A weekly routine of light exercise gets those muscles moving, joints flexing and hearts pumping.

• Prevention. A registered nurse stays on-hand to take blood pressure and to answer basic health questions.

• Education. Speakers and workshops discuss health and nutrition issues.

• Entertainment. Sometimes the center just aims for a little fun.

• Spirituality. Pastors lead a blessing over the meal, say prayers for the illl, are available for counseling and conduct memorial services for those who have died.


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