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Readers share ideas for Sunday school, youth group fun

Sunday school is just around the corner. (Where did the summer go?)

Here are some projects our readers have shared that might work with your group.

As the leaves start falling, follow the example of youth from Christ Lutheran Church, Prattville, Ala. They raked leaves for members, finishing with 33 bags.

This next one may be unusual, but here's what you can do with "interesting" donations. At Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, Mi-Wuk Village, Calif., youth got extra mileage from a donated 1984 Mercury Marquis by sprucing up and auctioning off the car. The $1,000 (a $550 high bid plus matching funds) was split between a shelter and ELCA disaster response.

Youth from Emanuel Lutheran Church, Logan, Ohio, also did some sprucing up. Their task: Give a makeover to a shelter's bathroom. After asking businesses for donations, the youth painted and added flooring, a shower rod and curtain, and lighting.

Confirmands from St. Paul Lutheran Church, Osceola, Neb., went on a scavenger hunt to help the hungry. Teams received points for gathering assigned foods and for the quantity collected. In an hour, the youth gathered 170 pounds of food and paper supplies.

At Advent Lutheran Church, Mill Creek, Wash., youth sold cookbooks with their favorite dessert recipies, raising about $3,000 to help Jennifer, who has bone cancer.

At Richland Lutheran Church, Minneapolis, members visited Michael McDaris, who received a bone marrow transplant at a local hospital. A member of St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Charlotte, N.C., McDaris has aplastic anemia. The youth hosted an Easter benefit breakfast and set up a fund to help with medical and travel costs.


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